Third Boi is the creation of Melbourne designer Bianca Latorre.

After having her first baby boy, Bianca left her 10 year career as Homeware Designer at iconic Australian company Country Road to pursue freelance opportunities within the local and international markets.

"As a Country Road designer during that particular era, I was mentored by some of the best in the industry.  I designed at a time when the homeware offer in the Australian market was bland and customers were few.  We paved the way through innovative design and with our fashion edge, we lead the market.  Today the Homeware landscape is very different; it is layered with colour and choice and is as popular as ever.  I like to think I had something to do with that!"

After her second baby boy, she continued her freelance career, meeting and working with some of Australia's most inspiring and talented small business creators. It was then that Bianca decided it was time to conceive her 'third boy' which would take the form of an exciting label of her own.

From her personal shopping experience, she found the choice of reasonably priced casual daywear was seemingly limited to black and white stripe tees. Looking for a more curated and inspired daily look, whilst channelling her childhood spent sketching and sewing with her Mother and Grandmother, Third Boi was born.  

As a qualified textile designer, Bianca's focus is on colour and pattern.  As a former homeware designer her focus is on quality and product end use.  Her obsession with detail manifests itself right down to each eyelet and label.

Launching in 2018, Third Boi has been designed with a considered colour palette and subtle pattern offer, lending itself to layering and mixing to create an individual look that is as comfortable as it is stylish.  The range has playful undertones yet is still classic and tasteful with an unwavering focus on fit and branding.